Sunday, January 16, 2011


It's almost time to go!  We're going to my uncles cottage around 10:00 and he knows I LOVE Fishing/Ice Fishing and in the summer he lets my family go swimming there so it will be a blast! 
This summer I cought my first fish and it was a baby large mouth bass....thats when Noni, My Uncle, Sissy and I went trolling and sis cought a middle-aged Small Mouth Bass and I was upset I didn't get a fish...(Sis got hers BEFORE we wen't trolling). :o)  Then my uncle said "we should go trolling and see if we can catch anything that way."  So we went trolling and then I freaked out saying "I think I've got something!"  So we pulled it up and it was just seaweed :o( Bumer.  So we started going again....I freak out even more than the last time and my uncle says "Give me your pole,  while you stear the boat."  So of course I go stear the boat while he's realing in the fish. And guess what....Sissy's freaking out because the fish she caught is moving around everywhere in the bucket Noni's trying to help my uncle while I'm having issues standing and stearing the boat which is the most important! So my fish ended up being a baby Large Mouth Bass!  Lets see if I can catch anything Ice Fishing----I usually NEVER do!  Talk to you when I get back!!!

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