Monday, January 17, 2011


Well,  my businesss is I will shovel a path for you for $5.00 and I will take ALL of the snow of your car for $5.  Sometimes you can buy fish from me for: $2 for a yellow perch (I never get white perch but if I get one it will be $3-$4 depending on the size), $1 if anyone wants a bass, any other fish that isn't that special $1, and $5 for a trout (If we get one and I know where they are....and the price depends on the size).  And when I go ice fishing which next year will be MUCH easier because the money I get is going to a snowmobile!  And a basket for the stuff (Traps, Bait, ect.) fuel, and a helmet.  Cant wait to get started!  I'm ganna be riding that ALL day long!!

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